9Muses had an interview on Arirang radio show Hot Beat with DJ Kevin on May 16, 2013.

Background info::
9muses consist of nine members: EunJi, Sungah, Minha, Sera, Hyuna, Hyemi, Euaerin, Lee Sem, & KyungRi. The name 9muses was chooses by the CEO who they call Zeus. 9muses is named after the Greek goddess Muse. Sera is the leader and MInha is the maknae.

About the music::
9muses recently released their comeback single ‘Wild’ and an album. The song Wild is meant to convey that they have a wild sexiness hidden within themselves. The song Action is about an obsessive love and Crumpled Paper is about a relationship breaking up.

They said they were genuinely surprised to see Wild go to #1 so quickly after having been released. They have been very busy and things have been going very fast paced for them. However, they feel that it is a good thing that things are going so fast.

Interesting tidbits::
– If a guy was going to be obsessed with a 9muses member he would be obsessed with Sungah. The group choose her because no guy could resist her cute and sweet ways.
– Hyuna had a celebrity crush at one time
– Sungah, the newest memeber, says having 8 sisters can be a good and bad thing.
– The fans call the group 나뮤  which is short for  나인뮤지스(nine muses)

Q & A::
Q: if there were only 9 men left on earth who would you choose?
EunJi – Minho
KyungRi – Kevin (ze:a)
Sungah – Dongjun
Hyuna – Junyoung
Hyemi – Lee Joon
Euaerin – Kevin (ze:a)
Lee sem – Siwan
Sera – indecisive
Minha – Hongsik

Q: who is in charge of picking menus, and where to eat?
A: MInha chooses the menu, because she is good at it they depend on her to feed them. Minha loves to eat so she has the nickname 식신 (food god). When they go to restaurants that are not crowded they sit as a group and set the table in a buffet style. There are also times when they have to seat separately when at crowded restaurants.

Video of live performance::

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