긱스 (Geeks) we’re on Arirang radio show Super Kpop with DJ Sam on May 15, 2013.

Geeks is a male duo group who members are 루이 (Louie) the oldest and 릴 보이(lil boi) the maknae. geeks has a hiphop rapping style. The name started out as a word similar to geeks that started with a ‘D’ however, they wanted to bring it down a notch to fir the Korean style. That is how they ended up with the name Geeks. They say they are only geeks when it comes to their music.

About the music::
‘Officially MIssing You’ is their Korean remake of a Tamia song of the same name. The song features Sistar’s Soyu. One of the members had gone through a bad breakup around the time and he wanted to make the song so that person could hear it and know how he felt.

‘어때 (how are you)’ is about finding closure in a break up by saying let’s move on. The song was written as a way of closing the story that started in official missing you. How are you features Harim. They originally wanted ‘Officially Missing you’ to be a free for download song, but their friends kept advising them to make it for purchase, and they eventually did make it for purchase.

Interesting tidbits::
– Louie’s ideal idol is IU
– Lil Boy’s ideal idol is Jewelry’s Ji Hyun
– They look up to JayZ because he paved the way for truly honest hiphop music
– They have a bit of a camera phobia
– In terms of looking for their significant others, because there are so many pretty girls these days, they look for the significant things that are below the surface.

Q & A::
Q: Are you guys ever nervous about performing?
A: They are always nervous when they perform but being surrounded by fan help take the nerves away.

Q: Describe your music in three words
A: Honesty, youth, & responsibility
They further explained that as an artist it is their responsibility to give their best performance and to put their everything into their music.

Q: What was it like working with Ailee?
A: For the song ‘와시 어웨이 (wash away)’ recording with Ailee was a lot of fun and they could clearly see why she has such a huge fan base.

Video of live performances::
어때(how are you) & Wash Away

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