Joo Suc


Jaycee ‘Joo Suc’ Park appeared on Arirang radio show KPoppin’ with DJ Isak on May 15, 2013.

Background info::
He started out in the underground Korean Hiphop scene. He first fell in love with Hiphop in 1996 through 2pac music.

Joo Suc says he is close to shinee’s Minho through soccer. Joo Suc plays a striker position in soccer. He also says they are the same animal on the korean calendar. DJ Isak asked if he finds any similarities between soccer and music. Joo Suc said that they were not similar but that both get him excited.

Current events::
He is the CEO of his own record label, Finest Records. He is involved in everything that goes into making an album and putting it on the market. It can be stressful and kind of a headache but he has no regrets about going into Hiphop or about creating his own label.

When asked what he found to be most rewarding about having his own record label he said that since the label is fairly new that it is not yet worthy of bragging about, but that he feels good when everything is moving along nicely.

About the music::
원에이티켓 (one way ticket) is about starting a musical journey and never turning back. He designed the album cover for this single. This song is the first single from Finest Records, and acts sort of like a landmark for the label.

A listener asked “what inspired the song 난 널 잊었어??” to which Joo Suc said the song was about a past relationship. In writing the song he was trying to act like he forgot about her, but in reality he still remembered so much.

Interesting tidbits::
– When he writes the music first and the lyrics later.
– He would love to do a collaboration with John Legend before he dies.
– If he could do an impromptu show anywhere in the world it would be Brazil.
– Currently his favorite food is sushi. He says that when he is in different countries he tries to stay true to that country but eating that country’s cuisine.
– He was on a survivor tv show called Show Me the Money

Funny story::
Joo Suc remembers when TVXQ5 was a rookie in the industry and how he was in the bathroom when the group and their manager came into the same bathroom. The manager gave TVXQ5 a pretty long and harsh scalding unaware that he, Joo Suc, was in the bathroom stall. Joo Suc said he was stuck in the bathroom and he wanted to get out. Eventually he let them know of his presence by coughing before he exited the stall to wash his hands and leave.

Video of live performance::
원에이티켓(one way ticket)

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