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G.I gave an interview on Arirang radio show SoundK with DJ SeeAn on May 16, 2013.

지아이 (G.I) is a five member girl group that debuted April 2013. The member are; Hayeon, Ai, Ahram, OneKet, & EunJi. They have a tomboyish concept which they were given by their CEO. Global Icon is what G.I stands for and is the name that Simtong Entertainment’s CEO gave them.

About the music::
Debut single: Beatles
The song Beatles takes its name from the Korean phrase 비트를 즐겨(bit reul jeulkyeo). The song is about just enjoying the beat of the music. Beatles has a Hiphop beat with a trendy melody and honest lyrics.

Interesting tidbits::
– Ahram, Ai, Hayeon, OneKet are youngest in their families
– If G.I were a meat they would be a sirloin because they are tough & strong
– One of their favorite songs is Beyonce ~ love on top
– Before debut they were backup dancers for the song Thumbs Up by Crispy Crunch
– They did an OST for the Sailor Moon animation

Q: Do you have any oppas, unnis, or dongsaengs?
A: Yes;
EunJi – younger sister
Hayeon – older brother
Ai – older sister
Ahram – older sister
OneKet – older sister

Q: If you could do a collaboration with anyone who would it be? Why?
A: Big Bang because they are their idols.

Q: Future plans?
A: they plan on just constantly promoting their music. They hope to be recognized as G.I when walking down any random street.

Live performances::
Rich Girl ~ he ain’t wit me now (tho)
G.I ~ Beatles

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