I was not able to listen to the interview, but I was able to get some pics & a video. Enjoy!!


May 22, 2013

LC9 appeared on Arirang radio show Kpoppin with DJ Isak.

LC9 is a six member boyband under Nega Networks. They debuted May 9th 2013 with MAMA Beat featuring Gain.

The Members::
J.Hyo (Kim Jonghyo) – Rapper/Vocal
Jun (Park Junyoung) – Visual
King (Dong Wooseok) – Main Vocals
Rasa (Park Gunwoo) – Leader/Vocal/Rapper
Ao (Kang Hyunsoo) – Maknae/Dancer
E.den (Park Hyungjin) – Rapper

Live Performances::
MAMA Beat / Hold On

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