May 21, 2013 (2013년5월21일)

M.I.B (money in the building/ 엠아이비) had an interview of Arirang radio show SoundK with DJ SeeAn.

Background info::
M.I.B stood for Most Incredible Busters after their debut. However, they have recently changed the meaning to Money In the Building. They debuted in October 2011 with G.D.M (girls. dreams. money). M.I.B is a four member Hiphop group under Jungle Entertainment. The members are 5zic (leader), Sims (maknae),  Kangnam, and Young Cream.

About the music::
In April 2013 they made a comeback with promo song 끄덕여줘 (nod along) and the album Money in the Building. Before the release of the album M.I.B was stuck in the basement of a building with some seniors from the label and worked on their songs. M.I.B produced all the songs on their comeback album with some assistance from company seniors. 끄덕여줘 (nod long) was made by Jason Park and many others. The first concert was a huge success, even though it was rainy the concert was sold out.

Interesting tidbits::
– sent demo from the army
– Sims sent his demo to the label every 2 days. 5zic heard the demo and told the CEO to sign Sims.
– Sims stands for $im$ (I’m money /I’m in money)
– Kangnam stands for strong man  (kang=strong nam=male) not to be confused with Gangnam style
– Young Cream /Cream stands for young money/fresh money taken from the wutang clan’s slang word cream which means money.
– Kangnam is the memebr who has had the most girlfriends
– 5zic admitted that he is the member most likely to cheat on a girlfriend.
– Kangnam said his first kiss was with The World.
– Cream said his first 뽀뽀 was in middle school and his first real kiss was in high school.

Q: Since your debut has there been a moment when you cried tears of joy?
A: No, they have not yet had a moment when they are too happy or too sad.

Q: For Cream: Are there any members you are awkward with? 
A: No. However, members chimed in and said the way he answered the question was awkward.

Q: How did Kangnam come to Korea??
A: Kangnam came to Korea 3 years ago. Members said he had a nice accent and a weird dialect.

Q: If you had the same ideal girl what would you do? Fight it out? Or what?
A: If 5zic was in the group of guys liking one girl they would all give up and let him have her, because he has lots of muscles and could beat them badly. Sims would ask the girl who she likes, if the other guy liking her was Kangnam.

Q: If you could change bodies with any member of M.I.B who would it be? Why?
A: Sims = 5zic because of his muscles
5zic = Kangnam because his legs are longer

Live Performance::
끄덕여줘 (nod along)

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