Monni (몽니) was on Super Kpop with DJ Sam on May 23, 2013.

Monni is a 4 members co-ed group (3 boys and 1 girl). The name ‘Monni’ has the meaning of “mean & greedy” because they have a huge thirst for music.

The Members::
Kim Shin Ee (김신의) – Vocal
Gong Tae Woo (공태우) – Guitar
Lee Yin Gyoung (이인경) – Bass
Song Ju Hwan (송주환) – Drums

About the music::
They debuted in 2004. They have a mini album , Life is Beautiful, coming out June 2013. They also have a summer concert coming up soon. In April 2013 they released their new single ‘Drinking’.

Monni did a collaboration with Wonder Girl’s Ye Eun (Yenny). The collaboration was the result of being on MBC’s new show ‘Picnic Live Sound Scenery’. Where main stream kpop idols are pair with K-indie bands.

Monni usually practices three hours a day. They don’t always the at the same time every day, but they always make sure to put in at least three hours practice daily.

Interesting tidbits::
– Shin Ee is usually the member who is always late
– John Meyer is Taewoo’s role model, and inspiration for playing the guitar

Live Performances::
술자리 (Drinking party) & 그대와 함께(With You)

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