UniBlend (유니블렌드) was on Kpoppin with DJ Isak on May 23,2013.

UniBlend is a 4 member co-ed group (2 boys & 2 girls) under InTheSoul with General Manager JANU. They debuted in April 2013. Their music style is accapella, jazz, pop and R&B.

The Members::
Hyunseok (현석) – Leader
Jo Seph (요셉)
Chan Mee (찬미)
Ee Seul (이슬) – Maknae

About the music::
The name of the group UniBlend (유니블렌드) means ‘You and I come together’. They want to be able to blend together with the listeners through their music. Their debut single is ‘The Day’ and the video of the title song ‘The day we wanted (우리 원했던날)’ was released May 2nd 2013.

‘I will love you more’ is a song to give encouragement to those couples who only see each other on the weekends.

UniBlend tries to find the best sounds and harmony as a result the members vocal parts tend to switch back and forth between them depending on the song. That being said most of the time Chan Mee tends to sing the low female parts and Ee Seul usually takes the female high sections. Typically Jo Seph takes the high male parts & Hyunseok covers the low male sections.

Interesting tidbits::
– Jo Seph’s pet peeve is when Hyunseok blows in his ear while giving him a bear hug from behind
– Everyone in the group is single
– Jo Seph & Hyunseok are the silly members of UniBlend
– They had no desire to be part of an idol group because they want to be in a group that focused on vocals.
– None of the members admitted to thinking they were the best looking in the group, but instead said that they all ave their special charms.
– Goals: win most popular award (Chan Mee) & walk into a cafe and hear their song (Jo Seph)

Q: Would you want to go overseas if so where?
A: yes!
Hyunseok – New Orleans
Jo Seph – anywhere that will invite them to perform
Chan Mee & Ee Seul – Japan

Q: if you could collab with anyone in the world who would  be?
A: Hyunseok – Boys2Men & 4Minute
Jo Seph – Taeyeon
Chan Mee – In Sooni

Q: Ideal types??
A: Chan Mee – Will Smith
Jo Seph – Taeyeon
Ee Seul – Kang Dongwoon
Hyunseok – Kara’s Kang Jiyoung

Live Performance::
The day we wanted(우리 원했던날) & She is by Clazziqui (cover)

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