Crazyno was on Arirang radio show Hot Beat with DJ Kevin on MAY 25, 2013.

Crazyno debuted as a music artist in 2012 with the song Musiche (무식해) and the mini album The Lunatic. He is under JFC Entertainment and is known as Psy-kid. His real name Zyno Kim and was raised in Australia. Crazyno considers himself a ‘free man’ because he is a solo artist he doesn’t have to conform to group concepts. Crazyno can creates his own concepts.

Crazyno & Friendship::
The interview was mainly focused around his friendship with ZE:A’s Kevin (the show’s DJ). They have known each other for roughly 10 years. They met each other when Zyno brought a karaoke machine to the school play ground has a way to share Korea culture. Kevin shared a secret that Crazyno taught him how to put his emotions into his dancing. Crazyno says that he learned how to scam phone numbers from girls when they are younger by pretending he was going to give the numbers to Kevin. Instead he kept those phone numbers for himself.

– Lkies to wear clothes most people won’t
– Likes to eat sushi and ramen
– In the music intdustry he likes Craig David and Psy
– In the acting industry he likes Kim YoonSeok and Simon Baker
– His ideal types are; Hyuna, Kang Minkyung, Yuna, & Sulli.
– He likes girls that are 159 and mentally developed

Q & A::
Q: What kind of music to you like listening to?
A: He listens to all genres for musical inspiration, but currently he is listening to Trace.

Q: When did you start really getting into music?
A: When he was 21 around the time he came to South Korea. He spent four years doing drama music as a music producer.

Live Performance::
불면증 (Insomnia) Crazyno and Kevin

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