History (히스토리)

May 28, 2013


History(히스토리) is a five member boy band which debuted April 2013 under Loen Entertainment. They stopped by Arirang radio show SoundK with DJ SeeAn.

The Members::
Song Kyung il (송경일) – Leader
No DO kyun (나도균) – Main Vocals
Kim Si hyoung (김시형) – Rapper
Kim Jae ho (김재호) – Sub Vocal / rapper
Jang Yi jeong (장이정) – Main Vocal & Maknae

About the music::
The name History has two meanings.It means both the past and “his story,” because they are telling their story through the music. They are considered an Alternative group, because they are trying to escape the umbrella of “idol group” that most kpop groups are under. Their debut album is a three track single album called Dreamer. The song D-Day as the name would suggest is not about a dooms day, instead it is a love song. The Concept for Dreamer is similar to a musical concept. They choose this concept because it was fresh and different.


– They consider their fan sign to be the most memorable event since their debut
– Kyung IL likes to be touchy-feely with the members, he likes touching Yi Jeong the most because of his reaction.
– Every night they have a competition over food. the winner orders the food and the loser pays for it.

Q: If you were a girl which member would you date?
A: Si Hyoung – None of them, because he knows them all too well

Q: What are your future plans?
A: They plan to continue for Dreamer promotions, and hope the public shows them lots of love.

Live Performance::

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