B1A4 (비원에이포) was the special guest on Arirang radio show SoundK with DJ SeeAn on May 30, 2013.

B1A4 debuted April 2011 under WM Entertainment. They recently made a comeback with their 4th mini album ‘이에 무슨 일이야‘ which was released May 2013.

The Members::
Jinyoung (잔영) – leader / vocals
Cnu (씨뉴) – vocal / rapper
Baro (바로) – rapper
Gongchan (공찬) – maknae / vocal
Sandeul (산들) – main vocal

About the music::
There are five tracks on the album: 별빛이 노래, 이게 무슨 일이야, Yesterday, Good love, and 몇 번을. The album cover was make by a designer who does handmade designs. The album also has a sticker inside which is a collectible.

The title track ‘이게 무슨 일이야‘ (What’s happening?) is about finding out their girlfriends are cheating on them. This song was written and composed by the group leader Jinyoung. Baro and Jinyoung wrote the song ‘Good love’ together.

– Cnu had originally planned on getting married right after turning 20 but that plan changed after becoming a trainee.
– Jinyoung originally wanted to be an inventor
– Baro can make a new sound that sounds similar to an elephant

Q & A::
Q: What was the inspiration for the song ‘이게 무슨 일이야‘??
A: It was inspired by Jinyoung’s friend’s experience with a previous girlfriend.

Q: How do you handle mistakes made in dancing  or wi the lyrics?
A: They try to completely forget about it so they are not pleaged by it during the rest of the performance.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: They intend to continue with the current promo plans and eventually go overseas.

Interview Fottage::

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