Hello Venus (헬로비너스)

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Hello Venus (헬로비너스) was on SoundK for ‘스타데이트 (Star Date)’ on June 4th. Hello Venus is a 6 member girl group that debuted May 2012 under Pledis Entertainment.  In May 2013 they released their 3rd mini album with the title track “차 마실래? (do you want some tea?).”

The Members::
(앨리스) Alice – Visual, Vocals
(나라) Nara – Vocals
(유영) Yooyoung – Maknae, Dancer
(윤조) Yoonjo – Vocals
(라임) Lime – Charisma, Main rapper
(유 아라) Yoo Ara – Leader , Main vocals

About the music::
Their comeback single “차 마실래? (do you want some tea?)” is politely asking someone you like to stay for tea. The concept for the choreography was ‘twins’. The girls were put into three pairs; Lime & Yooyoung, Alice & Yoo Ara, Yoonjo & Nara. This is the first time Hello Venus has worn heels for their promo performances. They are having their first solo concert June 2,2013. 

– Yooyoung is filming a weekend drama.
– Their fanclub is Hello Cupid and their fan color if Lime.
– Alice’s ideal type is someone who can take care of her and has a nice personality.
– Hello Venus held a 1 day cafe for their fans and the profits went to a children’s foundation.
– Lime doesn’t like her forehead, she thinks it’s too big.
– Hello Venus wore rainboots for 1st albums promos and platform sneakers for 2nd album promos

Q & A::
Q: Are their any secret weapons in the concert for the fans?
A: Yes, they won’t say what those are because they want you to go see the show. Spoiler Alert: you may or may not see things that belong in a circus.

Q: If you could do a duet /be a unit group with one of your members who would it be? why?
A: Lime said Alice, because she liked the music they did together when they were both trainees. Yoo Ara said she’d want to be solo.

Q: What are the best and worst memories since your debut?
A: Best memory – winning best new comer award
Worst memory – Yoonjo (afraid of bugs) was in the practice room and a camel cricket was in there. The manager wouldn’t kill it, so she had to do it herself. She kind of got over her fear of bugs but she still hates them.

Live Performance::
차 마실래? (do you want some tea?)


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