Coreyah (고래야)

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고래야 (coreyah) appeared on Super Kpop on June 5th. Coreyah is a Korean folklore music band.

The Memebrs::
Kyung I (경이) – Percussion
Kim Cho Rong (김초롱) – Percussion
Ombre (옴브레) – Guitar, Leader
Gwan A Shin (관아신) – Vocal
Jeong Hari (정하리) – 
Kim Donggeun (김동근) –

About the music::
Coreyah tries to fuse together traditional Korean music and modern popular music. They set themselves apart from other bands of similar music with their unique instrumentation. Their music is very much rooted in traditional Korean music using mainly traditional Korean instruments.

‘Asa Branca’ is a Brazilian song they’ve put a Korean twist to. They ended up on MTV Brazil because of a YouTube video of them playing this remade version.

‘Whale of a time’ was released in 2013. Coreyah said that they pictured a whale crossing the sea taking a piece of Korea with it.

Q & A::
Q: Are there any collaborations you would like to do?
A: They have actually done a collab with singer Harim ( ) through an MBC show that brings together artist from different genres.

Q: What are you future plans?
A: They will be performing everyday for three weeks at the Eden Burma festival.

Live Performance::
넘어갔네 (Attracted)
하얀 날개 (Asa Branca)

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  1. Artur Volpi Vinha

    Can´t believe I’ve missed the show, I’m from Brazil and I love Coreyah’s work!

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