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Crispi Crunch on SoundK

Arirang Radio listeners had a Star Date with Crispi Crunch on SoundK with DJ SeeAn. Crispi Crunch is a hiphop duo under Soul Connection. The group consist of CSP (박인엽) and Cheezy (이상학).

About the music::
The song 사장님 나이스 샷 has an electronic club dance beat. The song is calling all citizens of Korea CEOs and telling them they’ve done a good job. The song 금붕어 features SoundK’s very own DJ SeeAn.

They’re currently trying to be on more club stages. In the future they would like to be on some Tv shows. They are really just focusing on their music at the moment. They did say they might release their new single they’ve been working on this summer but nothing is set in stone yet.

– Cheezy is fluent in English
– Their ideal type of girls are exact opposites of each other
– Cheezy is 30 years old and tries to go clubbing at least once a week.

Q & A::
Q: Are there other genres of music you would like to perform?
A: Cheezy would like to do electronic and when he is older he would like to do some trot music. CSP has thought about doing some new age music.

Q: Where do you get you inspiration?
A: Cheezy gets inspired by watching YouTube videos and learning from young people. CSP gets inspired while in the bathroom doing his business.

Live Performance::
사장님 나이스 샷 (Nice Shot)

The video is from their visit to Kpoppin but they performed the same song on SoundK. Enjoy^^

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