PURE made a special appearance at the Kpoppin studio for the Hot New Face segment with DJ Isak, June 12th. PURE is a 5 member boy which debuted April 2013 and under Pure Entertainment.

The Members::
Soohyuk (수혁) – Leader, rapper
Jimin (지민) – Visual, rapper
Jungbin (정빈) – Lead vocal
Chanhwee (찬휘) – Main vocal
Younghoo (영후) – Maknae, vocal

About the music::
Their debut album is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the earthquake in Japan and the Hurricane Sandy in the USA. The song ‘I still love you (난 아직도 널)’ is a sad song about waiting for a lost love to comeback again. ‘poverty in the midst of plenty’ is a remake of a Korean mambo dance song from 1998. Their wish is that this album can help create a better world through friendship and caring.

– Soohyuk says that Jungbin is the coldest member of the group. Soohyuk thinks he is a bit closed off when in conversation.
– Younghoo says JImin is the most childish member.
– Jungbin says Younghoo has the biggest heart.
– Chanhwee says Soohyuk has the most dating experience.
– Jimin says Chanhwee is completely different from what he appears to be.
– When Chanhwee gets drunk he steals the members wallets to pay for his drinks.
– Jimin likes to sneak into the showers and tickle the members.

Q & A::
Q: Why do you have colors in front of your names?
A: The CEO gave them colors because:
Soohyuk – white – because he is so pale.
Jimin – black – because he is so tan.
Younghoo – yellow – because he is the youngest and needs to be fresh.
Chanhwee – pink – because when they debuted he wasn’t that popular so the CEO gave him this color to make him stand out and draw attention to him.
Jungbin – blue – because his music can be deep and broad.

Live Performance::
I still love you (난 아직도 널) & This Love (Maroon5 cover)

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