1N1 (원엔원)


1N1 (원앤원) stopped by the Kpoppin studio for a Star Close Up with DJ Isak.  1N1 is a duo group best known for their ballads. They debuted in May 2013 with the song 어쩌자고 (What can I do?).

The members::
Oh Minseok (오민석) – Vocal
Shin Donggyun (신동균) – Leader, piano, vocal

About the music::
어쩌자고 (What can I do?) is a sad song about a break up. Minseok didn’t write the song but it is about his experience. The lyricist heard him whining about his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him 2 weeks before his scheduled discharge. That is how the song was born.
– They were part of the Honored Guard together.
– They both prefer hamburgers over spicy rice cakes 
– Their CEO named them after going to the supermarket and seeing 1+1 sale signs all over. They changed it to 1N1

Q & A::
Q: If you were serenading your girlfriend what song would you sing? 
A: Donggyun would sing Park Haeshin’s ‘I feel like I’m going to cry.’ Minseok would sing Sung Shikyung’s ‘두 사람 (2 people).’

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: They both like girls with long hair. Minseok likes girls that have this aura around them. Donggyun likes out going girls, and looks for that first love spark when meeting girls.

Q: How did you guys start bonding with each other?
A: They went to church together. There was a piano at the church and Donggyun started playing the piano and had Minseok sing along. After hearing Minseok sing Donggyun said if they paired up they could do pretty good in the music industry. That is how they got started.

Live Performance::
(What can I do?)

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