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DJ Sam Carter invited Led Apple to the Super Kpop studio for K-Star & Live. LedApple is a five member rock/pop group that debuted Oct.2012 under Starkim Entertainment. Their 2013 mini album was released June 17th, but the title track “밥은 제때 먹는지 (Are you eating well)” was released about a month earlier.

The Members::
Young Jun (영준) – Leader, guitar
Hanbyul (한별) – Vocal, rapper
Hyoseok (효석) – Drummer
Kwangyeon (광연) – Bassist, sub-rapper
Kyumin (규민) – Maknae, rapper, vocal

– Han byul is currently an MC on Arirang TV show After School Club
– Their song “I’ll be there for you” is on the 7th Grade Civil Servant
– Kyumin wrote their song “난 널 첫사랑해 (I first love you)
– Hanbyul did a mini dance cover of Girl’s day song Expectation
– Iron Man is the favorite super hero for everyone in the group
– Young Jun is the bad boy of the group but nice at the same time. His bad boy symbol is Hersey’s Chocolate Drink.

Q & A::
Q: If you ever go back to Australia with the members what would you want to do?
A: Visit a nude beach, and go to a pub & relax drink Beer instead of Soju for once.

Q: What are your bad habits?
A: Hanbyul – when he is nervous he chews on his finger
Young Jun grins his teeth in his sleep, and Hyoseok holds conversations in his sleep.

Live Performance:: 
Bad Boy & 밥은 제때 먹는지 (Are you eating well)

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