The talented boys of Mblaq paid a visit to the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ SeeAn. Mblaq debuted Oct. 2009 under J.Tune Camp. They recent made comebacks in both Korea (Sexy Beat) and Japan (Mona Lisa).

The Members::
Mir (미르) – Maknae, Rapper
Lee Jun (이준) – Dancer, Vocal
Seungho (승호) – Leader
G.O (지오) – Vocal
Thunder (천둥) – Dance, Rapper

About the music::
Their comeback was a year and a half in the making. They spent most of that time focusing on individual activities. A lot of the songs on this new album were written by the members. The song ‘Believe’ which is on a previous album was a special present to Jay Park (박재범).

– Mblaq is an acronym for “Music boys live in absolute quality”
– Seungho wants a pet tiger, and has been asking around about acquiring one
– Mir wanted to shave his head but decided to cut it very short instead due to many protest from those around him.
– The group unanimously voted Mir as most likely to survive in a horror film, because he is very good at sucking up to people.

Q & A::
Q: Is there anyone who would like to collaborate with?
A: Seungho says he like Maroon5 and hopes to share a stage with them one day.

Q: If you could spend the day as another member who would it be?
A: Seungho said Mir, because he thinks if he knew Mir’s hardships Mir would be more dedicated to him.
G.O said Lee Jun because Lee Jun sleeps well, but Jun denied this.
Lee Jun said Thunder because Thunder has a beautiful sister.

Live Performance::
Smoky Girl + interview footage^^

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