Icycider (아이씨사이다)

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DJ Sam Carter invited Icycider to the Super Kpop studio for Kpop Rising. Icycider (아이씨사이다) is a five member indie band that debuted in 2008 under TNC Company. They have a punk rock style of music and have recently released their mini album ‘Art People (아트피펄).’

The members::
Go Kwangpyo (고광표) – Vocal
Jung Yeonchic (정연식) – Drummer, maknae
Kim Taehoon (김태훈) – Bass
Jung Hyungjae (정형재) – Guitar
Jeon Duyoung (전두영) – Guitar

– Taehoon got drunk one night and disappeared for three days
– One of the members of dicpuns produced the video or Art People
– They will have a Solo Concert July 14 in Hondae

Q & A::
Q: Do you have any musical influences locally and internationally?
A: In Korea they get influenced by groups like dicpuns and big bang. Internationally their influences are Sum41, Greenday, and Blink182. However, who or what they are influenced by is constantly changing.

Q: What first got you interested in music?
A: Yeonchic – when he was younger he would escort his sister to her music academy, after she gave up he started going for drums.
Hyungjae – his mother said he was tone death but he wanted to do music so badly she sent him to a music academy to learn an instrument.
Duyoung – he was influenced by his uncle who is a yodeler.
Kwangpyo – says music was a last resort for him.
Taehoon – got started when Kwangpyo asked him to join a group.

Live Performance::
집에 가기 싫어요
(Don’t want to o home)
일곱 색깔 무지개 (Seven colored rainbow)

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