EXO members: Kris, Chen, Suho, & Baekhun, joined  DJ SeeAn in the SoundK studio for AN'R Artist and Repertoire. EXO is a 12 member idol group that is usually split into sub-groups of six, Exo-K and Exo-M. They debuted in April 2012 under SMTown with the album & title track MaMa. They have been focusing on sub-group activities and have now come together as a whole to promote XOXO Kiss (Korean ver.) & Hug (Chinese ver.).

The Members::
Suho (수호) – Exo-K Leader
Kris (크리스) – Exo-M Leader
Baekhyun (백현) – Exo-K Main vocal
Chen () – Exo-M Main vocal
Chanyeol (찬열) – Exo-K Rapper, vocal
Xiumin (시우민) – Exo-M Vocal, dancer
DO (디오) – Exo-K Vocal
Lay – Exo-M Dancer, vocal
Kai (카이) – Exo-K Visual, dancer, rapper
Luhan (루한) – Exo-M Visual, dancer, vocal
Sehun (세훈) – Exo-K Maknae, rapper, sub-vocal, dancer
Tao (타오) – Exo-M Maknae, rapper, vocal

About the music::
The title track ‘Wolf’ is a hiphop dance and dubstep collaboration. Wolf is about finding love with a beautiful girl and has a powerful beat and sound. ‘Baby don’t cry’ is a medium R&B song with attractive & charming vocals, a groove drum & polished guitar sound.

– Baekhyun’s favorite video games are soccer games
– Kris dreamed of being a basketball player, but he likes what he’s doing now too.
– Their debut song is the most meaning full song that touches their hearts.
– Kris is afraid of airplane turbulence.
– Suho was in training the longest (6/7 years)
– All 12 members are currently staying in the same dorm
– Suho is the mom of the group, he does a lot of nagging, and nags Sehun and Tao the most because they don’t listen to him.

Q & A::
Q: Suho what is your ideal type?
A: Suho says he likes Girls with long straight hair, upbeat, and look like they like to read books.

Q: Which member would you date and why?
A: Suho says Baekhyun because he is humorous. Baekhyun said a member who buys him everything.

Q: With all the members together does it remind of before your debut?
A: Yes, Kris says he feels like training with all 12 member for this new album is like they are training to debut all over again.

Live performance::
Just Once

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  1. Kai is the visual? I thought it was Sehun?

    1. I wrote according to the interview and in that interview Kai was reported to be the visual, but I had noticed that the person labelled as the visual changes frequently.

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