The talented and colorful girls of Rainbow stopped by the SoundK studio for AN’R Artist & Repertoire with DJ SeeAn. Rainbow (레인보우) is a 7 member girl group that debuted in Nov. 2009 under DSP Media. They recently released their mini album.

The members::
Jaekyung (재경) – Leader, visual, vocal, dancer
Woori (우리) – Rapper, dancer
Hyunyoung (현영) – Maknae, vocal
Jisook (지숙) – Vocal
Noeul (노을 ) – Vocal
Oh Seungah(오승아) – Vocal
Yoonhye (윤혜) – Sub-vocal, sub-rapper

About the music::
They recently released a seven track mini album; Rainbow Syndrome the 1st original album part.2. The album is following the current girl group trend ‘Bad Girl’.  The girls said that they are showing their real selves in this album as well as on stage. The title track ‘Sunshine’ is a seasonal happy song for the summer. It is a synth-pop dance song. It is fresh and upbeat. ‘Sunshine’ is one of those song where you listen to it as you sleep, and all of sudden you want to hear it all the time. The song becomes kind of addicting after it grows on you. 

– The girls were each assigned a color of the rainbow; blue (Noeul), violet (Yoonhye), indigo (Oh Seungah), red (Jaekyung), yellow (Hyunyoung), green (Jisook), & orange (Woori).
– One of the members said she couldn’t live without Mir but then edited herself and said Mblaq. Hyunyoung  said she couldn’t live without her cellphone.
– Jaekyung used the interview to practice her English.
– They go to the same salon as B1A4
– Jaekyung won an art competition held by Demi Soda and recieved the chance to design their packaging.
– Demi Soda is their first CF
– Jaekyung is known for being boyish and very honest.
– Jaekyung’s hobbies are drawing and baking.
– Woori recently injured her leg, so she was not at the interview.

Q & A::
Q: During the hiatus did anyone developed any new hobbies?
A: Seungah started knitting dolls. The instructions were all in English so she mainly learned by looking at pictures, rather than reading.

Q: Who would you share your umbrella with during a typhoon?
A: Jaekyung said the umbrella would most likely blow away during the typhoon so they wouldn’t need it. They’d just stay in the rain. Another member added that they would have Jisook carry the Parasol.

Q: Future plans and goals?
A: They want to become the Happy Virus for everyone. They also want to do variety shows and try some acting.

Interview footage::

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