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DJ Isak and the Kpoppin listeners got very close with Andrew Choi on Hot New Face. Andrew Choi debuted as a songwriter under Iconic Sounds, and later debuted as a solo artist in 2013.

About the music::
His debut mini album “Love was enough” is comprised of five tracks, four of which he composed himself. ‘If it wasn’t for you’ is a gospel song but still a mainstream pop song. ‘World about you’ is a song he wrote while thinking about his fiancée. He says the song was very hard for him to sing and record. Andrew thinks the song is easily catchy to listen to. ‘Love was enough’ is about coming to the realization that your ex-girlfriend’s love was enough, and that you should have treated her better. Not only realizing it but then telling her these things. This album showcases his emotional and sweet vocal styles.

– Was on Kpop Star 2 – Survival Audition
– He had tonsil surgery around the same time as the show due to an allergic reaction to something he ate.
– Wishes he were taller
– He loves fried chicken
– Started out as a web designer, went into teaching English, started song writing, and eventually became a singer.
– Written songs for Shinee, DBSK, Rainbow, and many more. As well as some Japanese artist.
– Writes song in English first then in Korean 

Q & A::
Q: How do you complete the music writing process?
A: His team is given a track/beat and he basically just sings/plays music over it finding what sounds right. Andrew is what is considered a top liner, he writes the melodies and lyrics. He really just tries to have fun with it. If it takes too long of a time coming together then they bag the song for later, and move into the next one.

Q: How did you meet your fiancée?
A: They met through a mutual friend, and it was pretty much love at first sight for him. They dated for 2years before he popped the question.

Q: How did you end up auditioning for the show?
A: He blames his team leader Taesung. Taesung signed him up to audition and then told him about it, and proceeded to persuade him into doing the show. At first Andrew was very angry at him about it.

Live Performance::
Love was enough

Coming soon^^ Check back later!

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