Dalshabet (달샤뱃)


Dalshabet(달샤벳) visited the SoundK studio for a little AN’R (Artist and Repertoire) with DJ SeeAn.  Dalshabet debuted in Jan 2011 under Happyface Entertainment. They recently made a comeback with mini album “Be ambious” (7 tracks).

The members::
Seri (셀리) – Leader, vocal, dance
Jiyul (지율) – Visual, dancer, vocal
Ayoung (아영) – Sub-vocal, sub-rapper
Gaeun (가은) – Vocal, rapper
Subin (수빈) – Maknae, vocal
Woohee (우희) – Dancer, vocal

About the music::
The title track for the album ‘내 다리를 봐 (Be ambitious)’ literally means “look at my legs”. The lyricist came up with this song because they have such niece legs. The choreographer decided to accentuate their legs even more. The sixth track on the mini album ‘어쩜 (How)’ was composed by group maknae Woohee. The song starts out talking about falling in love, and the second verse is about being dumped.

– Jiyul knows some English and has lived in the UK for a short time
– Ayoung has been in 2 kdramas and is filming for the upcoming movie ‘No Breathing’
– Subin is a model for her university
– Gaeun helped write the rap section of ‘Summer Break’

Q & A::
Q: Woohee who do you feel did the best for your song?
A: All the members did well, but the member who impressed her the most was Jiyul.

Q: If you were a boy which member would you date?
A: Jiyul said she would date them all because she wants to be a bad boy. Seri said Ayoung because Ayoung is a good girl and Seri wants to conquer that good girl image.

Q: What are you future plans?
A: They plan to keep doing album promotions. Then take a little break, and start on the next set of singles, albums, & comebacks.

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