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Sunny Hill stopped by the Super Kpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam Carter. Sunny Hill (써니힐) is a co-ed group of four girls and 1 guy, which debuted in 2007, and are currently under Loen Entertainment. They released their third EP ‘Young Folk’ in June 2013.

The members::
Kota (코타) – Maknae, dancer, vocal, rapper
SeungA (승아) – Vocal
Misung (미성) – Rapper, dancer, vocal
Jubee (주비) – Vocal
Janghyun (장현) – Leader, composer, vocal

About the music::
만인의 연인 (Darling of all hearts)’ is a song for single people. It is a fast dance poker song. The sweet vocals and beautiful harmonies that come together in ‘Goodbye to Romance’  tell a sad story about letting love go. Group member Misung wrote the lyrics for ‘시트콤 (Sitcom)’ with inspiration taken from the other members.

– Group is nicknamed Unique Idols because of their ever changing sounds & personalities.
– Janghyun is in the army, and will be discharged in 2014.
– Kota wore a skirt on stage for the first time during the 만인의 연인 promotions.
– Kota is the type of girlfriends to run to her boyfriends side when he is sick and being acting as a nurse to get him healthy again.
– SeungA takes the longest time getting ready. The manager has get get earlier than the others so they can be on time to activities.
– Kota is musically inspired by Lisa and Misung looks up to Lee Hyori.
– The member choose beef over pork, & jeans over skirts.

Q & A::
Q: What are some new concepts you would like to try in the future?
A: Hiphop, fusion, rock, anything as long as it stays true to the Sunny Hill color.

Q:What country would to like to go on vacation in?
A: Manila – Philippines

Q: What do you do during your free time?
A: Kota – drawing & bike riding
SeungA – relief stress by being with friends
Misung – watch dramas at home
Jubee – riding her bike by the Han River

Q: Ideal types?
A: Kota – Taeyang & Su Jiseop
SeungA – powerful, manly, & responsible
Jubee – Cha Seungwon
Misung – constantly changing but currently; romantic, charismatic, & manly

Live Performance::
(Sitcom) & 만인의 연인 (Darling of all hearts)

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