Boys Republic (소년공화국)


Boys Republic visited with DJ SeeAn in the SoundK studio for some AN’R (Artist and Repertiore). Boys Republic (소년공화국) debuted in 2013 under Universal Music (Korea) with the single album ‘전화해 집에 (Party Rock)’.

The members::
Dabin (다빈) – Vocal
Minsu (민수) – Dancer, rapper
Sungjun (안수) – Rapper, dancer
Suwoong (수웅) – Maknae, vocal
One Junn (원준) – Leader, vocal

About the music::
The title song ‘전화해 집에 (Party Rock)’ has a club tune euro beat sound. It is a song that keeps you dancing, and is just a feel good song. The song ‘Special girl’  is a medium tempo dance song. It gives the feel of two guys talking confidently with a humorous attitude about loving their women.

– Minsu’s ideal type has a dog image with friendly eyes like Sungjun’s eyes.
– They think of their fans as vitamins, always giving them energy.
– They were the #1 download in four countries the week of their debut album release.
– One Junn is a BoA fanatic.
– One Junn knows a little bit of English .
– Thailand was the first country they ever visited as a group.
– Dabin was a trainee for 4 years.
– Sungjun was a dancer for 8 years during which he was a trainee for 2 years.


Q & A::
Q: If you had a super power what would it be?
A: One Junn – spider man’s web, not to use it but to see how sticky it is.
Dabin – Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, to sneak out of he dorm.

Q: Future plans? Goals for the year? 
A: They have various promotion activities planned. Like all the rookie groups they hope to get the New Comers Award.

Q: How did you feel. When you first received 전화해 집에  (Party Rock)? 
A: the song was given to them in guide form and was done by a foreigner. At first they weren’t sure if they could do the song. They practiced for 4 months to get the song right and make it their own.

Q: Why the name 소년공화국?
A: Boys Republic was a name on the list they were given that stood out for them. They all liked the name, but the CEO said that since they were in Korea the name should be Korean too. 소년공화국 is the direct translation of Boys Republic. That is how 소년공화국 came about.

Q: If you were going on an inland get-a-way which member would you take?
A: Dabin – Suwoong because he gives him energy and is always telling jokes to make him happy.
Suwoong – Dabin because Dabin is his vitamin.
The other members would take their fans instead.

Live Performance::
전화해 집에
(Party Rock)

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