Broken Valentine (브로큰발렌타인)


DJ Sam Carter invited Broken Valentine to the Super Kpop studio for K-star & Live. Broken Valentine (브로큰 발렌타인) is a rock band that debuted in 2002 under Rolling Cultureone (Korea). They recently released their full length album ‘Aluminum’.

The members::
Ansu (안수) – Guitar
Van () – Maknae, vocal
Koopa (쿠파) – Drummer
Byun G (변G) – Guitar
Sunghwan (성환) – Leader, bass

About the music::
They have a Post-Grunge, Nu Metal, Modern Rock, Alternative sound. ByunG wrote and composed 8 of the songs on the Aluminum album. Van and Ansu wrote and composed 1 song. The title song ‘Aluminum’ has a smooth melody which naturally pulls you into the song. ‘Epit’ is a powerful ballad, and ‘난 여기 이 곳에 있겠지 (I’d stay right here in this place)’ is an acoustic ballad. ‘Smashing your face’ has powerful guitar riffs that give the feeling of being smacked.

– The group changed it’s name from 6.August to B.August then finally to Broken Valentine.
– Van has a habit of constantly looking to see what is behind him
– ByunG like movies and manhwa in his free time
– They have won 2 Yamaha Asianbeat contest; Korea & Hong Kong

Q & A::
Q: What are your future plans?
A: They have the Popkorn Music K-rock Concert coming up. They also have more Aluminum promotions to do.

Q: Who inspires you musically?
A: Sunghwan – Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, Jimi Hendrix 

Live Performance::
난 여기 이 곳에 있겠지
(I’d stay right here in this place) & Smashing your face

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