MYNAME (마이네임)


MYNAME (마이네임) visited the Kpoppin studio, and became closer with fans from around the world on Star Close Up with DJ Isak.  MyName debuted in 2011 under H2 Media. 

The members::
Insoo (인수) – Vocal, dancer
Gunwoo (건우) – Leader, vocal
Seyong (세용) – Dancer, rapper, sub-vocal
Jun Q (준Q) – Rapper
Chaejin (채진) – Maknae, visual, sub-vocal

About the music::
They just released their first Korean mini album ‘My Name the 1st mini album’ in 2013. The Korean mini album came on the heels of ‘We are MYNAME’, which was released in Japan as a CD & DVD duo package. The video for title song for the 1st mini album ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ is rated R.

– Seyong’s ideal type is someone cute and sexy at the same time.
– Chaejin’s ideal type is someone with cat like eyes, makes him laugh, and is both mentally and physical strong.
– Seyong would like to try a darker type of concept, where as Insoo says he wants to try a necessarily cute but a brighter concept.
– The first mini album reached #1 on the album charts
– Insoo would like to be Superman, Gunwoo wants to have the powers of invisibility, JunQ wants to be the Hulk.
– JunQ is the laziest / slowest member
– Gunwoo looks in the mirror a lot
– Chaejin is the member who cries the most
– JunQ pays the most attention to the females fans
– Chaejin wants to use The Baby I’m Sorry video as a way of getting into acting
– They thought the Baby I’m Sorry video was a bit of a burden but they enjoy watch the reaction videos from around the world.


Q & A::
Q: How did MYNAME become MYNAME?
A: Some were drafted, some auditioned, Seyong did the Internet casting, and JunQ got in via networking through friends and friends of friends.

Q: What is the biggest difference between when you debuted and now?
A: They are not as nervous anymore and actually are excited to go on stage and show off their hard work to the fans.

Q: How did you get started in music?
A: Chaejin – went to a performing arts school and was draft almost upon entry.
Insoo – was in ballet and that sparked his interest in becoming a singer.
JunQ – started out in a band in school.
Seyong – wanted to be a soccer player but his parents wanted him to be a celebrity.

Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
A: Insoo – thought Zgunwoo was cold and scary
Gunwoo – that Chjin was just very cute and short
Seyong – that JunQ was nice but slow so he didn’t know how to react around him.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: In concerts around the world

Q: What are you goals or the year?
A: To reach the fans through music for as long as possible.

Q: If you were a girl which member would you date?
A: Seyong says he would date JunQ, because he feels that since JunQ is so laid back and slow that he can easily keep close tabs on him. Also that he can control him better than he would be able to with the other members.

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