Baek Ayeon (백아연)


Baek Ayeon (백아연) visited to Super Kpop studio for K-star & Live with DJ Sam. She debuted as a solo in September 2012 under JYP Entertainment.

About the music::
‘A Good Boy’ is about the pure and warm first love between a boy and girl from the girl perspective. It has a pop and shuffle rhythm base with lots of girl power and sensitivity. ‘말해줘‘ has a shining dark appeal with only piano, guitar strings, and sad monologues. ‘맘에 들어 (I love it)’ features Baro from B1A4. ‘사랑학 개론 (Introduction to love)’ is a ballad on the OST for 남자가 사랑할 때.

– She does a radio show with Eric Nam.u
– Her ideal type is a boy who is half good half bad, has a pretty laugh, and eye smiles & laughter.
– Likes to eat chicken, both fried and cooked
– Ayeon wants to go to shopping in Japan & USA.
– She is currently listening to Shinee’s ‘오르골‘ on the ‘Chapter 2: Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me’ album.
– She prefers ballads to upbeat songs, Happy ballads, the sad one are bit emotionally taxing.
– She s afraid of ghost, and she can’t watch horror films.
– She was inspired by BoA to become a singer.

Q & A::
Q: How did it feel when you first held your cd in your had after you debuted?
A: It was a hue honor and very emotional moment.

Q: What is the biggest difference between now and when you debuted?
A: People recognize her on the street when she’s out and about more now than when she debuted.

Q: Are there time when you wish you had a partner or was in a group?
A: Yes, it can be lonely at times. Like when your on sage surrounded by groups and your just standing there by yourself.

Q: What was it like working with Baro?
A: It was great. He wrote the rap part himself. He recorded quickly and left again. He was there and then he wasn’t, so it kind of felt like a dream to her.

Live Performance::
A Good Boy

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