Girl’s Day (걸스데이)


Girl’s Day (걸스데이) visited the SoundK studio for AN’R Artist and Repertoire with DJ SeeAn. Girl’s Day debuted in 2010 under Dream T Entertainment. 

The members::
Sojin (소진) – Leader, vocal
Yura (유라) – Rapper, dancer, vocal
Minah (민아) – Vocal
Hyeri (혜리) – Maknae, dancer, vocal, rapper

About the music::
Their first studio album ‘기대해 (Expectation)’ was released early in 2013, and was closely followed by the repackaged version ‘여자대통령 (Female President)’. The choreography for the song ‘Female President’ is called the Gumiho (9 tailed fox) Dance. This song is meant to give the message of girl power, and women leading & being superior to men.  


– Minah was voted the best at aegyo by the other members
– Sojin is currently addicted to Bumkey’s Bad Girl
– If Minah were ever in a movie she wants to. Be a very bright character 
– Minah is Africa’s of zombies
– They finally received the #1 song spot  3 years after debuting

Q & A::
Q: How did it feel to get the #1 song spot? What was the first thought in your head when you got the award?
A: They felt very very grateful but didn’t have a chance to thank all the important people who help make it possible, because of timing issues. Sojin said the first thought in her mind was “finally, finally”.

Q: What are your wishes and expectation for the future?
A: They would love the opportunity to do special stages, collaborations, and to be apart of the big end of year stages on various music shows.

Q: Do you girls ever go to singing rooms?
A: Yura goes to karaoke rooms and her favorite songs there are all Girl’s Day song, the group says she is their biggest fan.

Q: Who looks the most different with and without makeup?
A: Hyeri – because she is dark skinned makeup makes her look brighter.

Q: Goals for the future?
A: To improve further and further

Live Performance::
(Female President)

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