Toxic (톡식)


DJ Sam Carter invited Toxic to the super Kpop studio for Kpop Rising. Toxic (톡식) debuted in 2011 under PonyCanyon-Korea. Toxic is a rock-n-roll duo that has recently released ‘Pheromone’ their brand new single album.

The members::
Jungwoo (중우) – Guitar, vocal, keyboard
Seulwoong (슬옹) – Drums, vocal

– They are known as The White Stripes of Korea.
– They had an adult concert a few days ago, and they played songs from the new album before it was even released.
– Seulwong currently has blue hair and gets hair manicures often.
– They wanted the video for Countdown, the title track for Pheromone, to have a sexy concept.
– They won the first season of survivor show Top Band.
– They both know a few English phrases and have pretty good pronunciation.

Q & A::
Q: If you could rename the group what name would you choose?
A: They like Toxic a lot, but before they decided on toxic ‘strange guys’ ( rough translation) was a name they thought about a lot.

Q: What are your favorite bands?
A: because they have history with them, and respect them a lot.

Q: How did you first get interested in music?
A: Seulwong saw an ugly guy playing music in church but the guy looked cool while playing music. Jungwoo’s mom sent him to a piano academy.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: They went to the same music academy when they were younger. Jungwoo said Seulwong had a mushroom top hair cut as a middle school kid and he looked very cute. Jungwoo went onto say that Seulwong had a bad facial expression because he didn’t like being called cute. Seulwong said Jungwoo was just a very cool older brother and kind of scary back then.

Live Performance::
Midnight (only half the song)

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