Mr Mr (미스터미스터)


MrMr stopped by the SoundK studio for some AN’R Artist and Repertoire with DJ SeeAn. MrMr (미스터미스터) debuted in 2012 under Winning Insight (Th E&M). They recently released ‘Waiting for you’ their first mini album.

The members::
Jin () – Leader, vocal
Doyeon (도연) – Vocal
Changjae (창재) – Vocal
Tey (테이) – Vocal
Ryu () – Vocal

About the music::
MrMr is a dance pop group.  Their current mini album ‘Waiting for you’ is their first mini album, and consist of musical sounds from many different genres. Their mini album’s title song ‘Waiting for you’ is from the synth pop genre. The song is about a guy waiting for a woman.

– Jin wanted to become a musical performer.
– Changjae became a member of MrMr right after his first audition.
– There is no rapper in MrMr
– All the members are over 180 centimeters tall.
– Ryu is very soft spoken
– Jin likes sushi a lot!!
– Ryu want to spend his honeymoon in LA, USA 
미스(Miseu) is the MrMr fan club name

Mrmr_soundk2 mrmr_soundk3

Q & A::
Q: What does 미스터미스터 mean?
A: 미스터미스터 (MrMr) means mister. The say it twice (mistermister) to mean that they are men of men.

Q: When everyone in a group can sing really well it can be hard assigning parts. How do you decide who sing what?
A: They divide singing parts based on who sings what part the best. It’s almost like a survivor show where they are fighting for the best parts of the song.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: Jin’s first impression of Tey was that he looked older than he really is. Tey said he could tell right away that Jin had recently been discharged from the army, because he had the feel of guy who just finished the army.

Q: What inspired you to want to become a singer?
A: Tey has been into black American music from a young age. He performed a sing by James Brown and the reaction he received made him want to become a professional performer. 

Q: Future plans?
A: They want to develope their MrMr color even more, and hope that people all around the world will join 미스 (Miseu).

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: Jin – Ann Hathaway
Ryu –  girls that are older than him
Doyeon – girls with seductive eyes
Changjae – Penelope Cruz for vanilla skies
Tey – athletic girls

Live Performance::
Waiting for you

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