Winter Play

WinterPlay appeared on Super Kpop’s Kpop Rising with DJ Sam Carter. WinterPlay (윈터플레이)is a co-ed duo that debuted in 2008 under LoudPigs. They changed record companies about 1 and a half years ago.

The members::
Haewon (해원) – Vocal, lyrics
Lee Juhan (주한) – Trumpet, lyrics, composer, producer

About the music::
WinterPlay is primarily in the Jazz Pop genre. They recently released their 3rd album ‘Two Fabulous Fools’, with the title track ‘Yoboseyo Baby’. The video for ‘Yoboseyo Baby’ was made with a 60s feel. Juhan & Haewon make an attempt to dancing and acting in the video. ‘Be my baby’ has a Latin cha-cha jazzy type of beat.

– Juhan speaks almost perfect English
– Juhan went to middle school and high school in Seattle
– Haewon’s ideal type of guy is similar to Daniel Henney
– Happy Bubble started out as a 20 sec washing machine commercial song
– Juhan majored in mechanical engineering in college

Q & A::
Q: The most memorable moment in the past 5 years since your debut?
A: Releaseing their first Japanese album and then seeing that album being released in Hong Kong and England throuh Universal Records was very memorible, as well as doing a small VIP showcase in London, and participating in the Thames Festival.

Q: How did you choose the name Winter Play?
A: They had an interview and didn’t have a name for the group. The day before the interview they came up with the name Winter Play. it sounds good at the spur of the moment, and the name just stuck.

Q: How did you two first come together?
A: Juhan was already a famous Trumpet player and they somehow had an opportunity to work to together. In November 2007 Juhan asked Haewon if she would do a dance pop song with a jazz feel with him, and she said yes. They’ve been a team since then.

Q: Do you have any stories to tell about when you two behaved foolishly?
A: They had a story but not about themselves. When they were in japan for the first time they arrived late to the hotel and everyone was hungry. Their bass guitarist decided to take something that looked like a hot water boiler to the room to make ramen. In the end no one ate the ramen because it turn out that it was a humidifier and not a hot water boiler.

Q: What are you future plans for the year?
A: Later in the year they have a single with dynamic duo being released. They are also working on their Hong Kong and Japanese albums.

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