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A-Jax (에이젝스) paid a visit to the SoundK studio for AN’R Artist and Repertoire. A-Jax is a seven member boyband that debuted in 2012 under DSPmedia.

The members::
Hyungkon (형곤) – Leader, rapper
Jaehyung (재형) – Visual, vocal
Yunyoung (윤영) – Vocal
Hyojun (효준) – Dancer, vocal
Sungmin (성민) – Vocal
Seungjin (승진) – Rapper, dancer
Seungyeob (승엽) – Maknae, vocal

About the music::
A-Jax recently made a comeback with their 2nd extended play (EP) album ‘미쳐가 (Insane)’.  The title track ‘Insane’ has a hybrid electronic sound. They practice for 7 months, sleeping in the dorms and living in the practice room. They would practice sometimes from 10 am to midnight or even 6 am.

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– Their were part of the MBC show ‘Making the Star: DSP Boyz’ in 2012.
– Hyungkon trained in the army.
– Seungjin likes nail art and finds it addictive.
– Hyojun is into short girl because he finds them cute.
– Jaehyung is into younger girls currently.
– Jaehyung is into magic and is best at the rose trick.
– Seungjin is focusing on his dancing and creating his own choreography.
– Seungyeob spent 1 year studying abroad in Canada, and knows little English.
– Hyojun has started composing ballads.

Q & A::
Q: Any plans o film music videos in the USA?
A: No plans yet, but are looking forward to having the opportunity to do so.

Q: Do you have any funny stories from your time spent in the practice room?
Sungmin was skateboarding in the new practice room of the new building they had recently moved into. He fell off the skateboard and it crashed into the wall and has been stuck in the wall ever since. The CEO didn’t know about it. After the interview he probably does now.

Q: What would you be right now if you were not a kpop star?
A: Jaehyung would be a race car driver, but driving safely.

Q: What are you crazy about these days?
A: Sungmin loves skateboarding and extreme sports

Q: Future plans?
A: They are going to do more ‘Insane’ promotions, variety shows and dramas.

Live Performance::

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