Sunny Days (써니데이즈)

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Sunny Days stopped by the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ SeeAn. Sunny Days (써니데이즈) debuted in 2012 under Ha Eun Entertainment. They recently went through a few member changes; adding Gyuhee and Bichun.

The members::
Jihee (지희) – Power vocal
Soohyun (수현) – Vocal
Seoyeon (서연) – Vocal
Sunkyung (선경) – Leader, Main vocal
Soojung (수정) – Vocal
Bichun (비천) – Vocal
Gyuhee (규희) – Maknae, vocal
HwangG (황지) – Vocal

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– Bichun is fluent in Chinese, and knows French English, and Korean
– Bichun lived in china for two and a half years because of her dad’s job
– Soojung is a good cook, and is always cooking stuff for the group
– Gyuhee won an 80:1 contest to become a member of Sunny Days
– Gyuhee shows her first attempt at acting in the MV 너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐 (meet a girl just like you)
– If Gyuhee is ever on We Got Married she wants to be paired with Hyunwoo

Q & A::
Q: What was you first impression of Gyuhee?
A: She had a beautiful smile and this inner light that shined very brightly.

Q: How has the year since your debut been so far?
A: The year has gone by quickly. They already have 4 mini albums released, and they are more in tune with each other.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with in the future?
A: Sunkyung said she would like to collaborate with a member of NU’EST. She wouldn’t say a name however she did say not the one that worked at arirang.

Q: Future plans?
A: They plan to show off their best side, so please show them lots of love.

Live Performance::
너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐
(meet a girl just like you)

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