NC.A (앤씨아)

The talented NC.A stopped by the Kpoppin’ studio for Hot New Face with DJ Isak. NC.A (앤씨아) is a rookie who made her solo debut August 2013.

About the music::
NC.A’s music style is currently ballad. Her debut single is ‘교생쌤 (my student teacher)’ and was released on 2013/08/12. The song is about a girl’s high school crush on a student teacher. The video will have a few different versions parts 1 & 2 have already been released. So far she has yet to make an appearance in her videos.

nca kpoppin2

– She is 18 years old and in high school
– Her dad was originally against her going to a performing arts school and becoming a singer
– She is very bad at wearing heels
– Her taste in music is practically set in the 90s and late 80s
– Unlike her debut song she has not had a crush on a teacher before
– She likes older and more mature music because of how they artist puts genuine emotion into the music
– Now that she has debuted she would like to meet Ailee
– The first time she was on a show stage she slip in her heels
– She likes listening to 말꼬리 by Yoon Jongshin (윤종신) in the car on rainy days

Q & A::
Q: Where did the name NC.A come from?
A: Her CEO came up with the name. He decided her name would be NC.A and it would be pronounce 앤씨아. The name means New Creative Artist.

Q: How did you become a singer?
A: Towards the end of her last year in junior high she started going to a music academy. She performed while there and someone video taped her, and put the video online. The video ended up in her CEO’s hands and he called her in for an audition. She audition at various levels and became the company’s trainee. Now she has debuted^^ and that is how she became a singer.

Q: I have had thoughts about what I’d do with all the money I make as a singer?
A: Yes, she wants to do something for her grandma on her dad’s side, and buy her mom a new car.

Q: Any concepts you would like to try in the future?
A: She would like to do cute, ballad, dance type concepts. She wants to try a every concept at least once. The sky is the limit for her.

Live Performance::
(my student teacher)

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