Double A (AA) (더블에이)


(AA) Double A (더블에이) was this week’s Star Date with DJ SeeAn. Double A (AA) debuted in 2011 under Well Made Star M. They went through a member change. Juwon left the group to pursue an acting career.

The members::
Aura (아우라) – Vocal, rapper, dancer
Woosang (우상) – Leader, vocal
Kimchi (김치) – Rapper, vocal
Hoik (호익) – Vocal
Jinhong (진홍) – Maknae, vocal

aa soundk1

– Jinhong says the scariest member of the group in Woosang when his teaching them choreography
– Hoik has to have his phone and bag with him everywhere he goes
– Woosang likes Lee Hyori’s sexy stage presence and music
– Jinhong says Aura takes care of him the most
– Woosang can’t fall asleep without watching something. So he usually falls asleep while watching tv
– 22 is the average age of the group
– Jinhong is the youngest maknae of all the kpop male maknaes
– The members say Jinhong is wise for his age
– Woosang’s mom is a teacher, and Jinhong used to be one of her students


Q & A::
Q: Who is the member with the most aegyo?
A: The group says Jinhong, because he is so young everything he does is cute.

Q: What is your favorite song to perform?
A: Woosang, Aura – 오케바리
Gimchi, Hoik – 미쳐서 그래
Jinhong – Comeback

Q: Wishes for future collaboration?
A: Aura has been listening to hiphop lately and mix tapes by Zico. He would like to collaborate with BlockB’s Zico.

Q: Why the name Double A (AA)?
A: The ‘A’ stands for awesome ‘AA’ stands for awesome x2. You think they are awesome when you listen to their music. You think they are awesome again when you see their stage performance.

Live Performance::
(ok ’bout it)

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  1. I completely learned something new about Korean pop today.
    It’s pretty awesome to see how the Korean music industry can be so widespread and venturing
    off to other areas other than music. It’s so weird to see these people start off as just Kpop rookies and seeing them reach this point.
    Completely amazed.

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