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The talent 24K was this weeks Kpop Rising guest in the Super Kpop studio with DJ Sam Caret. 24 K (투포케이) is a boyband that debuted in 2011 under Well Made Star M. They went through a member change this year with the departure of Seokjun (석준).

The members::
Cory (코리) – Leader, Vocal
Kisu (키수) – Vocal
Sungoh (성오) – Vocal
Jungwook (정욱) – Maknae, dancer, rapper
Daeil (대일) – Dancer
Byungho (병호) – Rapper

About the msuic::
Their musical genre is dance. Their lastest single is a completely different style than the previous single. The current single 귀여워 죽겠어(you’re so cute) was written by Cory and the video choreography was made by Daeil. the concept fo the single did not start out as a cute concept but it ended up that way of collaborating with fellow members.

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– The only international show they’ve had so far was in Japan
– Cory thinks DJ Sam Carter kind of looks like Byungho
– Sungoh likes bad girls not because of their face but because of their personality
– Cory played American football and basketball almost all his life
– Daeil likes girls who can be both cute and sexy
– Cory grew up in America and is fluent in english
– Daeil wants to go to LA to see the great dancers there
– 24k has a sub-unit called 4k
– Cory composes most of 24K’s songs
– Sungoh is a report for a star news broadcast and has been doing it for 8 months now
– Sungoh like SNSD the best out of everyone he has interviewed so far.
– Sungoh thinks Yoona is very nice and considerate

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Q & A::
Q: What does the group name, 24K, stand for?
A: 2- dancing machines
4- main vocals
K- Korea

Q: What talents set the members apart?
A: Kisu said the Sungoh and Byungho would be the best at acting. The rest of the members said that Kisu is perfect for variety shows.

Q: When did you decide to become singers?
A: Kisu had school friend who became a singer as is a member of Rainbow and stopped all contact with him. As a result he decided he should become a singer too. Byungho was inspried to become a singer because of Shinee’s Onew. Onew was a fellow student at his high school.

Live Performance::
귀여워 죽겠어
(you’re so cute) & Secret Love

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