M.pire (엠파이어)

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The talented M.pire boys stopped by the Kpoppin studio for a special Arirang Radio 10th anniversary interview with DJ Isak. M.pire (엠파이어) recently debuted August 2013 under Benjamin Entertainment.

The members::
Taehee (태희) – Leader, vocal
Red (레드) – Vocal
Haru (하루) – Vocal
T.O (티오) – Vocal
Yuseung (유승) – Rapper
Jeri (제리) – Maknae, rapper

About the music::
Their debut album Carpe Diem consist of 10 songs including debut single 너랑 친구 못해 (We can’t be friends). They music genre according to Naver is dance style music. The debut single 너랑 친구 못해 is about a guy who likes a girl but that girls just wants to be friends. The boy however can’t be friends with her when he likes her too much. It’s all or nothing.

– M.pire stands for vampires that feed off music
– Taehee is a Kim Junsu (Xia) fanboy
– Beast is one of T.O’s role models
– Haru says Taehee is the most confident about going on stage
– Their debut video went to #2 on Japanese charts for top kpop videos
– Haru and T.O have to keep very healthy and balanced diets and watch what they eat

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Q & A::
Q: Where did you get your stage names?
A: Their CEO named Haru, Haru, because you should be able to start everyday happy and refreshed. The CEO originally wanted to name T.O Tom. So that he could be Tom and Jeri with the maknae, but T.O asked the CEO to reconsider that. The CEO then decided to tame off the ‘m’ and call him T.O

Q: When did you know you wanted to be singers?
A: Taehee always dreamed of being a celebrity. In high school he got into music and then changed his dream to be more detailed, from celebrity to a singer. Yusung wanted to be an actor and then he saw Big Bang’s documentary from before they debuted and he decided he wanted to be like them and become a singer too.

Q: If you had a world tour where would you like to perform?
A: Doesn’t matter where they perform as long as their fans are there to see them perform.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: Haru doesn’t really look at looks. He want someone he can be friendly and intimate with. Someone he can talk with and never get bored.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?
A: Like Shinhwa still going strong and doing what they love

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