Airplane (에어플레인)


DJ SeeAn had a Star Date with Airplane this week. Airplane (에어플레인) is a male hiphop trio that debuted in 2013 under Winning Insight and Plane Entertainment.

The members::
M.nine (엠나인/박성준) – Leader, rapper
Minki (성민기) – Vocal
Bokiri (보기리/정보길) – Maknae, rapper

About the music::
The lyrics for their single 전화줌 받아 (answer the phone) was written by Mnine and Bokiri; Bokiri also helped in the composition of the music. This song talks about a guy who calls his girlfriend, but she doesn’t answer the phone.

– The group says Mnine is the most comfortable with women
– Bokiri likes girl who are very unique. Her uniqueness is her power
– Minki wants someone who can comort his glass like mentality
– Mnine like girls similar to actress Chaewon (채원). He likes her looks
– They always write lyrics based on their experiences
– Bokiri’s freestyle rap is has a lot of cursing, must be radio edited
– Their fandom is Airport (airplane + support)
– Bokiri also goes by the name Jay Kata


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind the group name?
A: At first it didn’t have a meaning they were just going with the sound of it. Later they decided to have it mean “let’s fly, let’s go high”

Q: Your ideal musical concept?
A: They don’t want to be trapped by the boundaries of categories like soft hiphop. They want to do diverse styles and versions of hiphop. They want to put out music they love and hope other will like it too.

Q: What is you strategy for getting recognized amongst all the group that debuted this year?
A: Minki and Mnine are 28 years old o they wanted to debut quickly. They thought that debuting now was the right thing to do because the kpop industry is booming right now. They wanted to get in on some of that popularity before the global kpop craze fizzled out.

Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
A: Bokiri though Minki looked handsome. Minki didn’t like Bokiri at first; he thought Bokiri was too outgoing. Now he just hunks he is cute.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Working on releasing a 3rd single before he year is over. A mini album is being planned for some point next year.

Live Performance::
전화줌 받아
(Answer the phone)

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