Navi (나비)

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Navi (나비) was this weeks K-Star & Live guest in the Super Kpop studio with DJ Sam Carter. Navi is a soulful R&B, female urban ballad solo artist. Navi debuted in 2008 and is under ITM Entertainment.

About the music::
Her most recent single 집에 안갈래 (I ain’t going home tonight) is about being honest with a boyfriend. The song features the male ballad duo Geeks. The song was so co-written by Geeks. 싸우지 말자 (let’s not fight) from her 2012 album Real Love was written and composed by Navi. This song is honest and delicate but still deeply emotional. It is about the pain loving couples feel after minor disputes, and expresses the importance of loving each other.

– Her ideal type is a nice guy who is warm, cares, and looks after her
– Her real name is Ahn Jiho (안지호)
– She is a little jealous of her little sister’s job
– When she was younger she used to want to live in the USA but now looks at more natural places like Australia
– She is inspired by Stevie Wonder music and his long term success

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Q & A::
Q: Are your song from personal experience or just story telling?
A: Some are from personal experience and some are story telling. She is not the kind of person to get too involved in the emotions of a song. If the song is sad it might make her feel sad for a little while, but by the next day she is happy again.

Q: What has been your favorite collaboration so far?
A: She did a duet with K.Will for 우리 정말 사랑했어요 (we really did love each other). They never performed the song on stage together but it was recorded.

Q: Is there a collaboration you would like to do in the future?
A: She thinks Bumkey has a great voice and would match she voice well. The song would be a pop style song.

Q: How did you get to work with Geeks?
A: She is a big fan of Geeks and always wanted to do a song with them. Their companies somehow saw this opportunity and then collaboration plans were made.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: She is going to keep working hard to put out her best performances.

Live Performance::
집에 안갈래
(I ain’t going home tonight) & 싸우지 말자 (let’s not fight)

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