Beat Burger (비트버거)

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Beat Burger was in the Kpoppin studio for Star Close-up with DJ Isak. Beat Burger (비트버거) is the joint project of SM Entertainment Performance Directors Shim Jaewon (심재원) and Hwang Sanghoon (황상훈/Gregory). They have worked with several SMtown artist on both their music and choreography. Shim Jaewon is an accomplished remix DJ.

The very memorable kick from SNSD (Girl’s Generatinon) was a move that the choreographer wanted to use to show off the girls strengths and personalities.

The choreographer had to fight for this move for that very reason. Everyone was against having that kick in the dance, Sanghoon said he liked that move as well and since people in the company trusted him they decided to go with it. In the end it was a good idea to keep that kick because the song became even more popular because of it.

Q & A::
Q: When it comes to the choreography how do you work it into the preformance concepts?
A: Jaewon likes to go to galleries and see what people like in their everyday lives. he then uses that things he observes as inspiration adn tries to imcorporate them in to his work. Sanghoon just disects the music. He lets the music take over his body and the first moves that come out are the ones he uses as his base for the choreogrpahy, because those moves tend to be the most natural in his opinion.

Q: Out of all the artist yuo’ve worked with who picks up choreography the fastest?
A: They sya that BoA is the quickest at learning new chreography. She also works with them and spins choregraphy ideas off of them and they imcorporate her ideas into her dances. In a way they dont really work with her instead they collaborate with her.

Live Performance::
DJing by Shim Jaewon

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