Gajame Boyscouts / Go! Dandy Boys & Shin Cho-i

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Gajame Boyscouts / Go! Dandy Boys and Shin Cho-i stopped by the Super Kpop studiothis week for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam Carter. Gajame Boyscouts (가자미소년단) is a 4 members band that debuted in 2012 under Rubato Inc. Shin Cho-i (신초이) is a solo artist that debuted in 2013 under CJ E&M. These artist have come together to release the mini album 가자미소년단 더 하기 신초.

Gajame Boyscouts Members::
Richie Kim (리치킴)- Leader, vocals, guitar
Junghwa (정화) – Guitar
Suwan (수완) – Drums
Kia (키아) – Bass

About the music::
Richie Kim is both the composer and lyricist for all the songs on the recently released mini album . By your side was originally written in 2007 by Richie Kim and he rearranged it in 2013.

– Richie Kim started playing guitar in his sophomore year of high school.
– Richie KIm readily attempts that he can’t dance
– Shin Cho-i likes dirnking and watching movies that make you stop and think; such as Inciption and Butterfly Effect.
– Shin Cho-i’s mom owns a Pub (in Korea)
– Gajame Boyscouts were on survivalist show Top Band
– Richie Kim likes to play video games, and do a lot of Social Networking (SNS)
– Shin Cho-i was on Voice Korea
– Richie Kim plays football

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Q & A::
Q: Where does the name 가자미소년단 come from?
A: The correct way to say the name is 가자 미소년단. It means fake good looking boys. However, after seeing their picture people have said they are handsome, so they are trying to live up to that expectation.

Q: How did you guys start working together?
A: Shin Cho-i says that when they first started getting to know each other Richie gave her a copy of the group’s CD, and she took that to mean that he wanted to do a collaboration with her.

Q: What are you currently listening to?
A: Shin Cho-i – Ed Sheron’s Lego house
Richie Kim – Kara (he’s a Gu Hara fanboy)

Q: What inspires your music?
A: Richie Kim says the beginning of love and the end of love have a large influence his song writing.

Live Performance::
연극이 끝난후
(After Play – Sharp cover) & Lonely (2ne1 cover)

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