Postman (포스트맨)

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Postman stopped by the SoundK studio for AN’R (Artist and Repertoire) with DJ SeeAn. Postman (포스트맨) is a ballad duo that debuted in 2010.

The members::
Sungtae (성태) – Vocals
Shin Jihu (신지후) – Vocals

About the music::
Their music is soulful and at times emotional. The song 건널목에서 (At the crossing) is about seeing an old/lost love unexpectantly at a road crossing. This song was inspired by the lyricist real life experience, but Sungtae has also been in this same situation before. The song 신촌을 못가 (I can’t go to Shinchon) is about not wanting to stay home but also not being able to go somewhere trying to avoid seeing you old/lost love with someone new. These two songs were written by the same person. They have done some more upbeat songs, but have found that the sad and not so upbeat songs fit their voices better.

postman soundk2

– Jihu feel in love with a blue eyed white girl that he saw on TV. He wants to try dating a white girl.
– Jihu likes watching films
– In their free time thay just like to relax and be with friends
– To prepare their vocal cords for a show they sing really loud in the car varying the difficulty of the songs.
– Sungtae is a former member of M2M
– Jihu is on friendly staus with many of the managers from Sungtae’s previous label
– Sungtae likes kimchee at every meal

Q & A::
Q: Do you have any problems with going on stage?
A: Going on stage makes Sungtae nervous. He likes that nervous feeling becasue it give hims power and makes him want to give an even better performance.

Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
A: Sungtae thought Jihu had good visuals and likes his singing style. Jihu just felt a sense of familiarity when he first met Sungtae, because he already knew Sungtae’s singing style and what he looked like prior to meeting him.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: They want have a warm and ambiotic feel, and want listener to feel like they are mailing you to them.

Live Performance::
건널목에서 (At the Corssing), 신촌을 못가 (I can’t go to Shinchon), & 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar) – Cryaon Pop ballad remix

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