C-Clown (씨클라운)

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C-Clown was inth SoundK studio for AN’R Artist and Repretoire with DJ Rome. C-Clown (씨클라운) is a R&B Hiphop boybnd that debuted in 2012 under Yedang Entertainment.

The members::
Rome – Leader,rapper
Ray – Vocal
Maru (마루) – Maknae, rapper
Kangjun (강준) -Vocal
T.K – Rapper
Siwoo (시우) – Vocal

– C-Clown is short for Crown Clown
– Crown is the name of their fan club
– Rome likes to watch movies
– Maru says Rome likes to show off
– Ray & Maru had a DJing battle on the show
– Kangjun went to a 노래방 with his dad for Chuseok
– Jangjun cursed on the radio show
– Maru said he thought about Crown a lot during Chuseok
– Between Siwoo and Kangjun Siwoo was voted most handsome
– The member has a nickname Siwoo (doopy/clumsy), Kangjun (visual), Ray (teenage ray), Maru (small head), T.K (cold charisma)
[Author’s Note: DJ Rome reminds me of DJ Kevin on HotBeat]

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Q & A::
Q: T.K has a scandal photo circling the net where it appears he was caught in the act of kissing one of his fans. Can you please clarify this scandal?
A: He was doing a reinactment of a drama scene with a fan. The scandal picture is the fault of the camera man.

Q: What do you want to do if go to Australia?
A: Maru want to s visit Rome’s house. Kangjun want to go surfing with Siwoo.

Q: Does anyone want ot change their nickname?
A: T.K wants to change is nickname from cold charisma to cold hearted, because he wants to be a cold person. Rome said he smiles and laughs to much to be cold. Siwoo wants to change his nickname from Doopy/clumsy to Dolphin Prince.

Live Performance::
(Drift Away)

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