Eastern SideKick (이스턴사이드킥)

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Eastern Sidekick stopped by the Super Kpop studio for Beat & Bounce with DJ Sam Careter. Eastern Sidekick (이스턴사이드킥) has been active since 2009, but made their offical debut in 2010 under Fluxus Music.

The members::
Myungchul (명철) – Drum
Juhwan (주환) – Vocal
Sanghwan (상환) – Bass
Inhyuk (인혁) – Guitar
Hankyul (한결) – Guitar

About the music::
According to various internet sources they are described as “emotionally defiant” and “indie dark horse.” Their songs have no english in them, because they feel that english ad-libs do not fit their music. The song ‘Teeth & Sweat (이빨과땀)’ contains elements of a man pushing down a weaker man within himself. All the songs on their most current mini album ‘추월차로‘ were written and composed by Hankyul.

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– A friend of Inhyuk’s brother taught him how to play guitar
– Super Kpop is the first global radio show they’ve been on
– Juhwan likes Damien Brice’s music
– For music outside of rock they listen to Sistar, Classical, and a variety of other music

Q & A::
Q: Where did the group name come from?
A: They were thinking of Asia and that is where ‘Eastern’ came from. They added ‘Sidekick’ because they were going for something out of the norm.

Q: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?
A: Nirvana – Sanghwan and Myungchul
Metalica – Juhwan and Hankyul
Skeedrow – Myungchul

Q: Do you have a principle you want to stay true to?
A: They want to make music for themselves. They don’t want o change to fit someone else’s style.

Live Performance::
(Natural Wind)

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