Electro Boyz (일렉트로보이즈)

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Electro Boyz was this weeks Star Close-up in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Electro Boyz (일렉트로보이즈) is a hiphop based trio that debuted in 2010 under Brave Sound/Brave Entertainment.

The members::
Maboos (마부스) – Leader
Chakun (차쿤) – Maknae, vocal
1Kyne (원카인) – Rapper

– Maboos and 1Kyne speak English.
– Life experiences are the inspiration for their music.
– Their mini album is being released around the end of October/early November.
– 1Kyne has been on SoundK a lot, and he is from L.A California, USA
– They are like family but they don’t live together
– They have Sundays off, and use it as alone time away from the group

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Q & A::
Q: How did you bring Chakun into the group?
A: Chakun auditioned, and the CEO selected him for the group.

Q: What kind of music are you listening to these days?
A: They listen to all kinds of music but mostly hiphop such as drake, JCole, an Lee Jong.

Q: If you were to do a concert in another country what country would it be?
A: Hawaii, and brazil for surfing and girls.

Q: What are you ambitions for the future?
They want to get their name out there, continue to make good music, and have longevity as a group.

Live Performance::
Ma boy 2 featuring Hyorin

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