G.IAM (지아이엠)

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G.IAM stopped by the SoundK studio for AN’R Artist and Repretoire. G.IAM (지아이엠) is a boy group that debute din 2011 under Red Apple Entertainment. They have been doing promotions and activities in Japan and China for the past two years.

The members::
Gyulsil (결실) – Vocal
U1 (유원) – Rapper
Paulo (바울) – Vocal
Vega (베가) – Rapper
Eunyul (은율) – Maknae, vocal
A-tom (에이톰) – Leader, vocal

About the music::
According to group member Paulo, their current single 니곁에서 (Be there) is a cute and easy to follow song with addictive choreography. The choreography features the point dance, and what has been named by fans as the wifi dance.

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– The name G.IAM means Global I Am.
– They want to treat their fans like friends.
– One of the members did an impression of the hobbits character Gollum
– Gyusil is considered the foreign visual, while Vega is the Korean visual
– One member said if he was a girl he would date Vega because he looks good
– They received the New Comers Award last year
– One member did two vocal imitations

Q & A::
Q: Who is you role model?
A: As a group Shinhwa is their role model. They also each have their own personal role models.

Q: Do you actually pay attention to the fans that you have followed back on twitter?
A: Yes, they actually follow back their fans on twitter and read their messages. If the message is in a foreign language they copy and paste it into a translator.

Q: What are you future plans both in Korea and Internationally?
A: They will be doing music and variety shows in Korea. They are having a solo concert in Japan near the end of the year. Their goal is to communicate with their fans and become closer with their fans.

Live Performance::
(Be there) & Desperado (by Eagles) cover by Paulo

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