Soul Star (소울스타)

[STAR NEWS] Soul Star is having a concert in December!! Be on the look out, so you can get your tickets.

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Soul Star was in the Super Kpop studio for Kstar & Live with DJ Sam Carter. Soul Star (소울스타) debuted in 2005 with ‘Only one for me,’ and are currently under N.A.P Entertainment.

The members::
Changgeun (창근) – Leader, vocal
Seungwoo (승우) – Vocal
Kyuhoon (규훈) – Maknae, vocal

About the music::
They have been nicknamed Korea’s Boyz2Men. They have a wonderful balance of delicate high and soulful low tones. Recently the trio has been releasing new material every few months. 가을에 (In the Autumn) is the perfect song for the fall season. They performed this song for the first time live in the Super Kpop studio. Gangnam Station Exit 10 was choosen as the name of the song, because Exit 10 is currently the most popular exit when going to Gangnam. The song is about leaving Seoul to go on a date in Gangnam.

– They have had no member changes since their debut in 2005
– Seungwoo uses a lot of toothpaste and takes a lot of time in the shower
– Seungwoo’s older sister is a member of Big Mama
– Kyuhoon described Seungwoo as the quiet one

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Q & A::
Q: What are your favorite R&B musicians?
A: Boyz2Men, they even mentioned songs such as ‘I swear’, ‘End of the road’, & ‘I’ll make love to you’

Q: What first got you interested in music?
A: Changgeun – his mom always listened to pop make when he was growing up, and sparked an interest. In college gained a better understanding of music, then started doing auditions.
Kyuhoon – always sang a lot as a kid. He also always watched a tv show that played a lot of music, and would dream of being a singer.

Q: Are there any collaborations you’d like to do in the future?
A: Seungwoo said he would like to do a duet like boyz2Men did with Mariah Carey. Ailee was his selection. Kyuhoon would like to collab with Spica. Changgeun choose f(x).

Q: What is your secret for having no member changes?
A: They have matching personalities. They also said that the vocal skills of each member is of such high quality that the members are irreplaceable.

Live Performance::
(In the Autumn) & Only one for me

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