Tiger JK, Bizzy, & T-Yoon Mirae

This week Tiger JK, Bizzy, and T Yoon Mirae were the Kstar & Live guest in the Super Kpop studio with DJ Sam Carter.

Tiger JK (타이거JK) is a member of the hiphop group Drunken Tiger. He is a Korean-American rapper that has been active since 1995 and is currently under Feel Ghood Music. Bizzy (비지 / 박준영) is a Korean rapper from New Zealand who has been active on the Korean hiphop scene since 2001. Bizzy is currently under Jungle Entertainment. T Yoon Mirae (T윤미래 / Tasha Reid) is a Korean-American rapper that debuted at the age of 16 in 1996 with girl group Uptown. He started her solo career in 2008 after leaving her second girl group Tashannie. Bizzy and Tasha are both members of hiphop crew Movement. Together these three are known as MFBTY.

– Even though they haven’t released anything in 2+ years they are always recording something.
– When the 3 of them are in the studio together they become kids again and remember why they love doing music
– Tiger JK plays piano, guitar, and bass but he only knows a few guitar chords
– Yoon Mirae does better in interviews when she doesn’t know it is being broadcasted live
– Yoon Mirae is married too Tiger JK and has 1 son.
– Bizzy didn’t even answer any questions during the interview
– Tiger JK tore up his copy of the script live on the radio (not out of anger)
– They all tried copying Sam’s British accent, and imitating famous British people

Q & A::
Q: When and why did you first come to Korea?
A: He was invited to a hiphop seminar, so he packed a bag bought a one way ticket and went to South Korea. He was really excited about being invited, because it felt to him that his people were finally getting into the kind of music he liked.

Q: How did you get your music career started in Korea?
A: When he got here he was banned from the clubs because he didn’t look the part. His eyes were too slanted, he was too muscular, and his music had no chorus sections. For these reasons his music didn’t fit with mainstream Korean hiphop and it was banned. He was told he recorded the music wrong, and that he must have left the chorus sections back in America. Through all of this he was homeless. As a means of survival he would go to various clubs and ask them if he could perform for their club. In exchange they would keep him fed for bringing in customers. Eventually word got out and more and more people would come to see him perform. Companies and well known clubs eventually started contacting him.

Q: How do you go about putting music down?
A: When they are inspired they just go with it and record that initial spark of inspiration without polishing it.
[Author’s note: polishing can cause an initial spark of inspiration to disappear.]

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