KK (더블K)

KK was in the SoundK studio for Star Date 2 with DJ SeeAn. KK (더블K) is a solo male hiphop artist who focuses on fast rap. He has been active since 2004 and is under Oscar Entertainment. KK is a member of hiphop crew Movement.

About the music::
쏴라 (boys be…(ambitious)) is a fun melody that was inspired by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid (내일을 향해 쏴라). It gives the message of having hope and the will to pull through any hardships that you face. Rookie girl group Wa$$up did cameo appearance in the music video. The song 99*C was inspired by the fact that the boiling point of water is 100*C. He related this to people & success, and how people get so close to achieving success and then give up. This song is saying not giving up because theirs only that small distance/1 degree left.

– The KK stands for Killa Korean
– His nickname Hiphop’s Beethoven was given by a friend because he is completely deaf in his left ear due to a childhood illness in his ear.
– His high school teacher always called him KKW (his initials) and the KK just stayed with him.
– Majored in Electronic Engineering in college
– He can understand English but only speaks a little bit
– Went to USA for 3 weeks when was younger
– He likes the basic old school ringtones
– Looks up to JayZ because he is good at music, running his own business, and has cultural impact
– Looks at Eminem as a teacher who inspires him to make music
– He practices his rap in the shower buy putting water in his mouth and rapping
– He want his music to make a cultural impact and have longevity

Q & A::
Q: When did you first make the decision to be a debuted rapper?
A: When he was working as a producer and doing the hiphop underground scene. He met his friend, Outsider, who was the same age and from the same label as him. He saw how Outsider debuted and decided he wanted that for himself.

Q: How do you feel when people compare you to Outsider?
A: At first he hated being compared to Outsider. To make people stop comparing him he tried different styles of rap. He always felt that real rap was fast rap, so he put his focus back on fast rap. He then decided not to mind when people compared him to Outsider, he just had to show people that he was better than Outsider.

Q: Do you remember the first song you ever produced?
A: Pain was written in 2003 but released in early 2013. The composition was rearranged 3 times, the melody was rearranged 3-4 times. It is about breaking up and telling the Ex to get out of your head. The released version features Jenny of Gavy NJ.

Live Performance::
(boys be…)

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